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Layers let you type more characters than there are keys on your keyboard! Think of them as super shift keys, except that they totally change the output of a given key, rather than making letters uppercase. Layers in KLL are fall-through, meaning if you don't assign anything to a key on a particular layer, it will simply act as whatever you assigned to it in the layer(s) below. So if you spacebar doesn't have any special action in layer 1, it will still result in space even if you press it in layer 1.There are three ways of accessing layers:

  • The stylized f# keys are the momentary layer switches, just like the shift key. While you hold down a key that is assigned to f1, any other key you press will result in whatever you mapped to it you're on that layer,. So if you map your spacebar to "z" (for some reason), when you hold down the f1 key, pressing spacebar will output "z".
  • The LOCK-# keys activate the specified layer until they're pressed again. They're a toggle, just like caps-lock is.
  • The LATCH-# activates the specified layer until you press one other key. Think of it as a sticky shift key, so you don't have to hold it down