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Welcome to the K-Type Gallery. Please post pictures of your super hot K-Type! We appreciate you posting links to any mods you've done to your K-Type so others can follow in your footsteps.

Looking for the animation repository?

Please make sure to ask for permission and attribute photos to their sources if they're not your own creations.

Picture Owner Animation Keycaps Switches Notes / other mods
Memnarch's keyboard.jpg
Memnarch1113 rainbow_wave Milk-Skin Translucent Keycaps
weedvampires JTK Purple on White
beeraffe1 1976 SA Keycaps
mikesusz MiTo Canvas XDA
rangda66 SA Carbon
Xerxes_Aluminium Ducky Shine 6 Caps
cxmachi EnjoyPBT Hiragana
kaihong G20
kalupa Godspeed
Reddit Post
hammerbrotha Varmillo PBT
MuseAmoris Hanna DSA
dove78 DSA Hyperfuse
Mad_B GMK Plum
t-rod Skull Squadron
CombustibleFoxes Transparent Caps
Unxmaal WYSE PCE
the_catfishman GMK Yuri
woodsy87 Penumbra (AliExpress Knockoff)
woodsy87 Tai Hao Starry Night
clintiepoo DSA Granite