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Defines allow you to define specific settings for your configuration to be used when compiled.

On the key layout tab of the configurator, click the gear icon, at the bottom of the frame, you can add defines by pressing the plus icon. The name goes in the first box, the value in the second.

This list will need to be expanded.


This controls the overall brightness of the LEDs, default is 128. Range is 0-255


This allows you to use 6 key roll over (boot mode) or n key roll over

0 = 6kro

1 = nkro

Pixel_AnimationStackSize (default 20)

controls how many active animations can be shown at once. if you have a long running reaction animation you'll want to bump this

DelayedCapabilitiesStackSize (default 10)

controls how many delayed actions can trigger at once. if you're REALLY FAST or routinely do more than 10-keys at once you'll want to bump this

MinDebounceTime (default 6, originally 5)

set minimum debounce when seeing double presses of characters, higher number is higher delay. more info