Controlling Animations

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We'll have bits about how to use the Assigned Animation Controls here.

Key Binds

Kiibohd Configurator 2018-01-05 21-07-48.png
Bind Information
LED- Lowers LED brightness
LED+ Raises LED brightness
LED OFF Turns off LEDs
LED ON Turns on LEDs
LED TOG Toggles the LEDS on or off
LED 25% Sets LED brightness to 25%
LED 50% Sets LED brightness to 50%
LED 75% Sets LED brightness to 75%
LED 100% Sets LED brightness to 100%
V:PL./PS Toggles play/pause of the current animation
V:PLAY Resumes the current animation if it was paused
V:PAUSE Pauses the current animation

Assigned Animation Controls

Kiibohd Configurator 2018-01-05 21-05-47.png