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The KLL configurator comes in two variants: a web-based version and one you can download.

Web Configurator

The web configurator can be found here. You can find presets for compatible keyboards in various configurations in the drop-down from the top of the page. Start with a preset and customize from there.

The Web Configurator does not currently have animation editing tools. You'll need the desktop version for that.

Desktop Configurator

Download from the Releases Pages. Chose the appropriate download for your operating system. Windows users should use the 64-bit version if possible (older version of Windows are only compatible with the 32-bit version). Windows users also have their choice of .zip or .exe files to install from.

Lots of information can be found on both the GitHub


configurator screenshot

After starting the configurator, you will be prompted to select the keyboard you have. Once selected, the configurator will display a map of your keyboard, and load your last configuration (or a standard one for your first run).

From left to right, the header has the following options


This allows you to edit your keymapping. You start at the base layer, where traditionally you see your alpha and numeric keys, as well as modifiers such as ctrl, alt, shift. Additionally, you can see any key functions you have assigned on the next layer down. For example, in the screenshot, the esc key functions normally as esc on the base layer, but also shows that it will run the flash functionality if pressed while on layer 1.

Along the top of the keymap, you can select additional layers to modify the key behavior on those layers.

In the default keymappings, only the first layer is exposed by using the FN key near right alt and right ctrl. The special key assigned is f1 (lower case italic f, not to be confused with the F1 or function 1 key), which shifts to layer 1 as long as it is held. Refer to layers for more information.

To modify a key's behavior click on it and then click on the letter/behavior/function to it from the list below. The keymap image should update to reflect the changes you have made. While a key is selected, pressing a key on your physical keyboard will also update the configuration.


The Visuals Tab contains most of the controls for the LEDs on your keyboard. Here you can delete animations you've created or set them to automatically start when your keyboard is plugged in. You can code your own animations, or customize some built-in ones. Once you have an animation created, you can customize it by clicking on the two angle brackets, typing its name, and pressing enter.

Static lights can also be set, and will appear in the animation list to be removed or set to auto-start.

Once you've built your animations or static lighting patterns, learn to control them here.

Previous layouts

A list of your last 5 layouts, as well as some default layouts if you need to reset your configuration.


Not currently implemented, which is why you are here!

Revert to original

(need some clarification on what this does)

View Raw JSON

Import keymap

If you find someone sharing their config file online somewhere (perhaps on the Input Club Forum, or Discord Channel) you can paste the Json code (the text of the file) into this popup box. Note that this will reset your entire configuration to match the one your importing.

Download firmware

Sends a request to the KLL server to fetch firmware that's ready to flash to your keyboard. You must be connected to the internet for this to work. The new firmware files will be saved in your downloads folder, and will be ready to flash to your keyboard.


Not much here at the moment, come back later!


Lets you pick a different keyboard to configure.